Bag o' questions, litany of answers...
By Kara L.C. Jones

They sent a bag of questions
told me to consider each one
and then write down my answers

The first one I picked out said,
"What has changed in your life since your loss?"
My answer, "GAWD, what hasn't?"

But it made me stop and look around.
It seems that through the destruction
and loss of everything in my life

I've gained something

We lost our son
We lost our house
The computer industry tanked
We lost our main source of income
We lost some friends and family
who don't even want to hear about death
We lost ourselves to grief for awhile

But maybe it isn't all about things "lost" afterall...
maybe it is just as the question put it,
"what's changed?"

We've heard our call and gained a mission
We've let go of 9 to 5 with all it's trapping and gained
a lifestyle of purpose that's not dedicated to aquisition
We've gained a community of support
where people understand what it means to lose everything and rebuild
We've wander about in depression and grief and the lost, horrid forest...and
we've gained

It's not a question of loss, but an answer of abundance.

Dedicated to Dakota Jones, born still March 11, 1999 -- not that I wouldn't trade it all to have you back in a heartbeat, my dearest son!

This piece was written from an exercise done with the Support Cards offered through Tear Soup and Grief Watch-- there is a review of the book Tear Soup and an article of introduction from the authors available in our Loss Journal, so check those out, too!


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