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This month's review is going to take the form of a Q & A with Rebecca Page, Founder of Poetictricity and Beatnik She's offering some great opportunities for poets like you and me over there on her site, and we thought you should know about it!

Q. What is Poetictricity?

A. Poetictricity is an internet resource for poets. It's main purpose being as a voice to all the unheard poets out there. The primary feature of is its online poetry journal 'Beatnik'. It also features folios of poetry from various poets, and will soon feature useful information and articles about poetry. Poetictricity is a word I created which embodies everything the site itself does. Its meaning being 'Poetic electricity' or 'The power of inspiration'.


Q. What is Beatnik?

A. Beatnik is (as mentioned above) an online poetry journal. The poets published in the journal also have the chance to be voted as poet of the month. Although I don't really like the concept of competition, or one poet being better than another, I wanted to give inspiring poets the opportunity to have a folio of their work published on Poetictricity. Having this as a prize for a competition where the readers decide on the outcome seemed perfect for beatnik.



Q. Why did you start Poetictricity and Beatnik?

A. Being an unpublished poet in Australia, and having my work rejected over and over again by publishing companies (telling me "we no longer publish poetry") has been, very disheartening. I know how many talented poets there are out there... I guess I just wanted to give as many as possible a
chance to be heard, and supported. Both Poetictricity and Beatnik provide the perfect environment for that.



Q. Is there a fee to subscribe or submit works to these publications?

A. No, and there never will be a fee. I believe people have a right to speak their minds, and shouldn't have to pay for it. Poetry is a voice to a lot of people. I'm not going to charge them for speaking out, however donations are welcome and much appreciated.



Q. Where can I find the guidelines for submission of works?

A. The guidelines for submission to Beatnik are located @, and are relatively simple to follow.



Q. Are you open to novice as well as seasoned writers and their works for possible publication in your ezine?

A. Everyones poetry is welcome.. I do have certain standards for Beatnik, but I believe anyone can achieve them. One of our recent poets of the month has only been writing poetry for a couple of months now, and he is truly inspirational.



Q. How often are new issues published/posted?

A. Editions of Beatnik are published monthly, with the release date of the 3rd. Poetictricity is updated with new editions to the poets folios more often. Design changes, and layout for both Beatnik and Poetictricity occur when inspired.



Q. Do you write your own poetry and creative writing?

A. I've been writing poetry as long as I can remember, along with pieces of creative writing. I've always loved to write, and now I live to write.



Q. Which do you like better-- your role as a writer or your role as an editor? Why?

A. Well, my role as editor is much more demanding, however it is also very rewarding. I feel so lucky to be able to get out there and support other poets like myself. And my writing is my world. I love both roles for different reasons. Poetry will always be in my soul and inspiration.



Q. As the Founder of Poetictricity and Beatnik, what are your visions for these projects? What do you see for Poetictricity and Beatnik 5 or 10 years down the road?

A. My dreams are of a poetry publishing company here in Australia, and a cafe which has poetry readings a few nights a week. Both of these dreams are only extensions of Poetictricity and Beatnik, and hopefully they will be put into motion during the next few years.


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