Once again a letter from the editor:

This month is all about give and take. You must know by now that KotaPress has been transformed into the equivalent of your local PBS Pledge Drive. You've heard people saying, "Oh, that Internet thing is going the way of the Edsel." Well, I have news for you! The Internet is NOT going away, BUT instead it is going the way of the PBS-ers.

So consider all this to be another in the lessons about the Business of Your Art.

Frank Zappa once said, "Art is making something out of nothing and selling it!" Yes, that's a very capitalistic way to look at it, but I've discovered that it's true. We love making art and offering quality services to you. We love bringing you our monthly zines about Poetry, Loss, and Art. We love offering you the chance to submit works without charging reading or submission fees. We are honored to offer grief support for free through our Mrs. Duck Project. But business is all about making money so that you can keep offering things for free.

So this editorial is going the way of the PBS-ers and is going to tell you about all the great ways you can support your favorite website on the Net-- KotaPress. Your dollars support all of our projects and all of the free publications you come back to read every month. You are literally keeping Mrs. Duck afloat when you purchase one of our books or take one of our classes or make a donation thru our umbrella organization, SeattleMISS. We cannot continue offering these services without your support. We need to hear from you by way of your pledge of support and commitment today!

You know that in the past or maybe even right now, you are thinking about how much you'd like to write to the KotaPress Editor Lady and ask her some questions about how to get published. Why not take KotaPress' "Self Publishing Made Easy" class instead?! You'll get all the information you need AND get the chance to ask her as many questions as you wish!

You know that every year you mean to pick up the new edition of the Poet's Market book, so that you can get really organized and get published all over the world. Why not click through the KotaPress banner ad on the contents page of this section and buy the book from Amazon. When you click through from KotaPress, your Amazon purchase will support Mrs. Duck. But you have to click through from here.

You know that you got that HUGE tax refund and wanted to give some of it to a charity event to make up for the fact that the Bush tax reforms have taken away public funds from worthy non-profit projects. So why not visit the KotaPress Home Page and make your donation to KotaPress and Mrs. Duck today!?? You'll be supporting literacy because the Mrs. Duck Project sends out free books! You'll be doing your ethical duty to support bereaved parents because the Mrs. Duck Project offers free support to grieving parents! You'll be putting GREAT Karma out into the world so that when you need the free support and help, it will be here for you!

No one ever said I was good at guilt tripping. Maybe I'm too blunt for that, but you get what I'm saying here, right? If you like what you see and what you get here month after month, then find a way to support it so that we can continue to be here for you.

And now back to our featured programming...

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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