We'd like to thank everyone for contributing to this issue. We look forward to working with all of you in the future again soon. Be sure to submit your work for the next issue, too! See Journal Guidelines for details.

Andrea Forbing-Maglione
I am an implant to the Mecca of all art, wisdom, and creativity--Ann Arbor, MI. A recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, I studied creative writing under such authors as Mr. Clayton Eshleman, Ms. Janet Kauffman, and Mr. Larry Smith. I also enjoyed a motivating and enriching correspondence with writer and former professor of writing at Michigan State University, Ms. Diane Wakoski ("Emerald Ice"). Molded by the classic, tragic greats such as Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath and even "the Bard".... I have been doing "REAL POETRY"


Victory Lee Schouten
Originally from Central Washington¹s Yakima Valley, Victory Lee Schouten has made her home on Whidbey Island for the past twelve years. While both places strongly inform her writing, it is the human experiences she depicts which imbue her poetry with the insights, warmth and wit her work is known for. A frequent reader/performer around the Pacific Northwest, Victory¹s first book and CD, Wolf Love, a handmade limited-edition was published last year by Great Path Publishing:

GREAT PATH PUBLISHING http://www.greatpath.com/ offers distinctive visionary art as greeting cards, postcards, prints, journals, poetry books and CDs with a positive outlook and earth-friendly vision, hoping to contribute to the holistic unfolding of our human story. They use archival, natural, recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible and print in soy-based ink.



He has been singer, composer, and song writer since Hector was a pup.  You can often find him in various Seattle venues performing his music live with his poet wife. 
He also enjoys his day job of creating web sites. If you like what you see here, then you like his work.  He and his wife started KotaPress in memory of their son Dakota. hawk@kotapress.com



Chris (Zippy) Lougheed
Born in Melbourne Australia, raised in a town called Warrnambool, now at 22 I once again have returned to study in the town of my birth. My name is Chris (Zippy)Lougheed and I write poetry in private, usually it remains in private but I have a vain longing to see my words in print. I hope you enjoy my works, they are inspired by my Coastal home and an artist who resides there.



Trevor Hewett
Trevor Hewett is an Englishman who lives and writes in his native Cornwall. Published widely in the UK and internationally, he has a short collection of work - 'The Patchwork Woman' - available from Mockfrog Design Press, Australia.


Dana Gerringer
One of the Founders of Gravity's Daughter, an accomplished storyteller, poet, prose, fiction writer and playwright. Her works have been internationally published, and she was recently published in the KotaPress Poetry Anthology Volume I, Issue I. If you wish to contact Dana, drop us a note and we'll forward it to her asap.


Kara L.C. Jones
Friend to turtles, Speaker of the word "NO!", Tamer of ludicrous thoughts, Mother of a dead child, Goddess of Hawksville, Huntress available for Catwomyn's productions at a moment's notice, and Taker of absolutely no more bullshit.



Donna Hill
Donna Hill lives in British Columbia, Canada with her three sons. She has been seriously writing poetry for a few years now, drawing much of her writing style for realism from life around her, her family, and her work as a child educator. She currently is poetry editor of Erosha, an online literary journal of the erotic. Donna's poems have appeared in print issues of One Dog Press, Poems Niederngrasse, Poetry Motel and Peshekee River and have also been published by numerous literary webzines. Her poem, "my hands write when I need them to," took first prize in Comrades first annual poetry contest, while "the moon is a sliver tonight" placed seventh. Both poems are slated to appear in Comrades’ upcoming anthology, 2001.


Phillip Clay Wilkerson
Phillip Clay Wilkerson holds an M.Ed. with an emphasis in Literature from Harding University. He has taught business, professional, and technical writing, but his first love is poetry, which he began writing in 1975. He is a member of the Florida State Poet's Association.




Susan Mello
She sprouted up in the suburbs of New York City and got the-hell downtown as soon as possible. During her time in New York, she took up black & white photography, and gleefully burned negatives during her 8 years there. City burn-out brought her to the Pacific Northwest to be soothed by plantlife, mountains, and mild weather. Here, creativity bloomed again in the form of musical studies, jazz singing, piano & flute. Baking and gardening became passions. A recent trip to Kenya produced images, sounds, and stories which will be featured in her upcoming website. Comments, questions, requests for prints, mailing list membership to:




Ian Revie
Ian Revie lives in Edinburgh where he teaches French and Film Studies in the University of Edinburgh. His poems have previously appeared in Chrysalis, Gambit, Scottish International and The Red
Wheelbarrow. As a Scottish Nationalist he eagerly awaits the full independence of his native land.
If you'd like to contact Ian, please send a note to info@kotapress.com and we'll pass your message on right away.




Michael Keshigian
If you'd like to contact Michael, please send a note to info@kotapress.com and we'll pass your message on right away.


Todd Schneider
He's a 95% self-taught photographer, 12 years after receiving a 35mm camera for high school graduation. "I've primarily used photography as just another element in other artworks (illustrations, sculptures, graphics, fanzines) but, in recent years, I've been treating it as itself by studying the finer points of the image and experimenting with infrared and recording films. My current, never ending, photo study is collapsing, and consequently disappearing, homestead and farm buildings." He makes his base on the south shores of Bainbridge Island, Washington from where he creates, hikes, cycles, snowboards, travels, and searches out great music.




G.E. Farrell
I am a Vietnam War veteran, a former bartender and former lawyer. I am now a poet and fiction writer. I have published poems in poetrymagazine.com and National Review Online (Weekend Edition). I live
in Brooklyn, NY.


Sherri Smith
I am 51 years old. I have 2 sons, 2 stepsons, and a stepdaughter. I have 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. I work customer service at a utility company. I am happily married to my second husband for eight years. My hobbies include reading, writing poetry, and shooting on two pool leagues. My husband and I live in a 2 story Dutch Colonial 82 year old house that we are slowly remodeling that I adore. I am just returning to writing again after not writing for over 35 years.
If you'd like to contact Sherri, please send a note to info@kotapress.com and we'll pass your message on right away.


Rebecca Page
A poet her whole life, Rebecca's poetry took on a new form five years ago. Over the years her collection of poetry has grown to exceed 600 poems. The main themes in her writing are loss and depression, although light is also reflected on occasion. Her dream is to be published, And own her own poetry publishing company. With the release of her Poetictricity domain, and Beatnik poetry journal her dreams are coming closer to being.


Jojo Jensen
Author of Dirt Farmer Wisdom and the voice of Mrs. Duck!!!


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