We are Behind The Scenes with The Dakota House Journal www.homestead.com/dakotahouse and its Founder Lisa Haynes. Have a read through and then take a surf over the DHJ to check it out up close. They are an awesome resources for writers just like you!

Q. What is the Dakota House?

A. The Dakota House is an online writers/artist community that we created as a place for writers and artists to go and relax and share and learn. It includes message boards, writing exercises, pieces by other writers, and information on the Dakota House Journal.


Q. What is the Dakota House Journal?

A. It's a quarterly online literary review featuring poetry, short fiction, prose, essays, reviews, interviews, art, and photography with a bent towards social and political commentary.


Q. Why did you start the Dakota House projects?

A. Ken and I have wanted to start a literary zine for some time. It's an act of love for good writing.


Q. Is there a fee to participate in the Dakota House community?

A. None at all.


Q. Is there a fee to subscribe to Dakota House Journal?

A. Nope. Because it's still just online, it's a free read for anyone who wants to enjoy it.


Q. Where can I find the guidelines for submission?

A. The submission guidelines are on our website at www.dhj.homestead.com We do have themed issues, but when we do, they are clearly mentioned.


Q. Do you write and create art yourself?

A. Yes. Ken and I are both poets, both having been published in numerous literary magazines. Ken is also a wonderful photographer and enjoys working with the art submissions that come in to Dakota House Journal.


Q. As the founder of the Dakota House Community and Journal, what are your visions for these projects?

A. We eventually intend to go to print, and to publish at least anthologies of the "best of" from the journal.


Q. What do you think is the best way for me to get involved in the Dakota House? Do I need to be published in the Journal before participating in the Community?

A. The best way is to go for a visit to the message boards and see if there's anything there that makes you want to participate. Say hello. Sit a spell. You don't have to have your work in DHJ at all to enjoy what's available at Dakota House.

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