We have the following literary links available to support your writing processes. We want to add more variety, so let us know if you have site or know of a site that supports the writing community. We'll gladly exchange with you. Just email your exchange offer or suggestion to editor@kotapress.com.

Beginnings: A Magazine for the Novice Writer - www.scbeginnings.com/

Bonfire - www.homeusers.prestel.co.uk/jordanhill/

Cliche Finder - www.westegg.com/cliche

Dakota House: community for artist & writers - www.homestead.com/dakotahouse

Etymology - www.wilton.net/etyma.htm

Freelance Writing @ Suite101 - www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/freelance

Grammar Slammer - www.englishplus.com/grammar

InkSpot: The Writer's Resource - www.inkspot.com/index.html

LitLine - www.litline.org

NewPages - www.newpages.com

Seattle Poetry Festival (Eleventh Hour Productions) - www.poetryfestival.org

Poetry Power - www.poetrypower.com

Poets & Writers - www.pw.org

Refridge Poetry - www.rendermouse.com/poetry.htm

Resources for Writers @ Suite101 - www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/writers

Rhyming Dictionary - www.rhymer.com

WriteExpress - www.writeexpress.com


Allegra Wong - www.allegrawong.com

Dirt Farmer Wisdom (founded by Jojo Jensen) - www.dirtfarmerwisdom.com

Esther Altshul Helfgott - members.home.net/eahelfgott/

Janet Best - www.jmbest.homestead.com

Poetictricity (founded by Rebecca Page)- www.poetictricity.com

Robert Clay - www.robertclay.com


Chiron Press - www.chironpress.com

CJ Ink (now featuring Daddybunny.com) - www.halcyon.com/cmhorn

Fishink Press - www.geocities.com/fishinkpress/

Floating Bridge - www.scn.org/arts/floatingbridge

Great Path Publishing - www.greatpath.com/

WriteOnLine - www.write-on-line.co.uk/Frames/works.htm (features ebooks by Charles Fishman, amazing poet, featured Poet Chat, and winner of KotaPress Anthology Contest Vol 1, No 2)


Borders.com (they carry KotaPress books via Special Order) - www.borders.com

Elliott Bay Book Company - www.elliottbaybook.com/index.html

Indigo.ca (they carry KotaPress books via Special Order) - www.indigo.ca

Wits End - www.booksatoz.com/witsend


A Little Poetry - www.alittlepoetry.com

AziMuth - www.azimuthmag.com

Beachfire Gathering - www.chironpress.com/beachfire

Conspire - www.conspire.org

Counterbalance Poetry - www.counterbalancepoetry.org

Crab Creek Review - www.crabcreekreview.org

Creativity Through Crisis - www.suite101.com/articles.cfm/women_creativity/36268

Dakota House Journal - www.homestead.com/dhj/

Defined Providence Press - www.definedprovidence.com

Dragonfly Review - www.chironpress.com/dragon

The Drunken Boat - www.thedrunkenboat.com

The Eclipse - http://theeclipse.net/

FZQ Poetry - www.fzqpoetry.com

Poetictricity- www.poetictricity.com

Poetry Magazine - www.poetrymagazine.com

Poetry.St Corner - www.poetry.st/

The Raven Chronicles - www.speakeasy.org/ravenchronicles

Samsara - www.sundress.net/samsara

theSoundofWhat? - www.thesoundofwhat.com

Spiral Journey - www.spiraljourney.com

Stirring: A Literary Collection - http://sundress.net/stirring/

Tower Of Babel - www.towerofbabel.com

Wired Art from Wired Hearts - www.wiredhearts.net

Award Submit- www.redrival.com/awardsubmit/index.html

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