Hello and welcome!

Can you believe that you have helped us create this awesome KotaPress website??? You gave us 390,000 + hits in the month of May alone, and we hope to keep your continued interested with whatever magic it is that we've got!

With the changes here at KotaPress, you may be wondering what it's going to mean for our online Poetry Journal that you so faithfully read and subscribe to each quarter.

No worries, dear readers, we are ready to bring you more more MORE! And an even cooler breed of MORE while we're at it :)

We have stepped up our production schedule around here, so you will get a new issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal each and every month of the year. And we are not only looking for poetry but also for resources for writers. Submissions are open on a rolling basis, so send in your works like crazy! I'm scouring the world for books and events to review. If you've got a book, cd, or video you are currently promoting, send us a review copy to:

ATTN: Poetry Editor
2237 NW 62nd
Suite 2
Seattle, WA 98107

And we'll get to doing reviews as quickly as we can. We are also interested in meeting and interviewing the people who are creating this awesomely creative world around us. Do you work for an arts organization that provides resources for artist? Are you the founder of an independent theater, festival, or press? If so, contact us! We're looking to do a little Q & A with you and possibly give you some feature coverage here in the KotaPress Poetry Journal. Let's chat!!!

Other changes will benefit our Anthology Contest programs. The production schedule and the distribution method will be changing a bit. Rather than run two contests per year that result in small runs of the Anthology Books, we will now offer only one contest per year. Judges will still be able to pick the works of 7 to 14 authors per year. It will still be free for authors to enter and free to win. Winners will still get paid in free copies of the books. BUT by consolidating the project into one book per year, we will be able to have us do a larger print run of each issue. Starting in 2002, at least 1,000 copies per issue will be made and distributed in a wider market than we presently have access to.

One last change here at KotaPress: we are again opening the doors to new manuscripts from poets looking to co-publish with us. Our services have been expanded with new options for production, post-production, marketing, and distribution. Check out the KotaPress Menu of Services now available in the Contacts section. Email us for more details. And send us samples of your manuscripts (via email only, not snail mail or attachments please!) for consideration. We're pretty excited to be looking for new authors and works, to discover and share you with the world, and to expand our Kota Family by working with you on your next book.

So happy surfing as you discover all that the revamped KotaPress has to offer!

Manuscripts and miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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