PLEASE NOTE: We are now a monthly publication rather than quarterly.

These guidelines are for possible publication in our monthly ONLINE poetry journal only. There are no longer deadlines for submission to the ONLINE journal. We publish monthly and accept submissions on a rolling basis. Just send in your works!

Ideas to consider for themes:

  • Seasonal holidays such as Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Equinox, Spring, Autumn, Harvest, Seeding, etc.

  • Other holidays that become difficult to deal with after loss such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, any gift giving holiday.

  • Any cultural holidays that address loss such as Day of the Dead, sitting Shiva, All Saint's Day, Passover, Christmas in terms of Mary coping with the death of her son!

  • Loss themes such as healing grief after loss, long term grief and support, the use of expressive arts to heal, death of a child or spouse or grandchild or partner or sibling, remembering when no one else seems to remember, the silent holidays such as Mother's Day after your child is dead.

  • Anything else that strikes your fancy that isn't pornographic!

  • Any form, including free form, is fine.

Submit up to 4 original poems. You must be the author.

We only take email submissions. Please send only ONE email with all your poems cut and pasted into the body of your email. We will no longer read attachments due to virus concerns. Any attchments sent will be deleted without notification. Mail to

Please put “Submission for Journal” in the subject line of the e-mail.

MUST include author bio with poems in the body of the message.

(Attachments will not be read due to virus concerns!)

If we accept your work for the KotaPress Poetry Journal, we will contact you by email for your approval. We will ask for one-time, electronic rights and also the archive rights to publish your work in the Journal. (Please note that ARCHIVE RIGHTS means the right to archive works in the context of the issue in which works first appeared and to offer that archived issue for as long as our site is up online. If you accept our offer to publish your works, then you accept that we are going to offer your works in our archive indefinitely. We will not remove works from the archive!)

Once the issue is up online, all rights revert back to you so that you may go on and publish this work again in the future wherever you wish. We ask that you give KotaPress credit as a previous publisher, but that is a courtesy, not a requirement.

You may submit previously published works as long as you indicate the credit-- you are responsible for giving us this information. We do not take simultaneous submission.

The work you submit for ONLINE Poetry Journal consideration will not be considered for KotaPress PRINT Anthology Contests. To have your manuscript considered for a Contest, see Anthology Contest in the sidebar menu of the Poetry section of our site.


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