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Contributing Authors: Tim Hulley, Carla T. Griswold, Heidi Sauer, Nancy Talley, Sandra Bailey, Verna Doherty, Marika Thompson, Kara L.C. Jones, Tom Flynn, Ruth Corr, Eryn Huntington, Bruce Sherman, Gerrie Brocker, Pam Buss, Andrea Maynard, Belinda Cannon, Rudie Singer, Hawk

Out of print, with no copies available for purchase!

This is an amazing double-book of poetry, the likes of which you have never seen before now! We have taken two full length anthology collections and bound them together as a flipped book. Remember those comic books you used to read as a child that had two covers, one on each side, and you had to flip the book over half way thru it? This is your own Labyrinth of poetry, flipped book extraordinaire! Check out this Write From The Source Anthology today.

Each book is 35 pages with full color covers on both sides and perfect bound for easy reading. Great b&w illustrations of cover graphics on the inside.

Excerpts from two authors

THRUM OF LIFE (Body Music)

Something inside you is aching.
Can you slow enough to let it rest now,
sacred in the palm of your hand?
Press your pain to one soft ear and listen.
Listen to the waves of your heart
break across sand.
Listen to your muscles tremble,
vibrate like strings in the instrument of your body.
Listen to the music of your blood,
the steady thrum of life
--an anthem--
at once deeply familiar
and strangely exotic,
these notes plucked,
as they always are,
in this new moment.

by Tim Hulley


Pocket Full Of Poetry
-especially for Shelley

My pockets are full of
jambbed lines & jumping iamb beans
and I dig for Sestinas with which to
make a phone call (calls from phone booths
have gone up from 1 Terzanell to
2 Sestinas, you know?!?)
I pull out the poetry &
deposit it into the ink well of the phone
when I suddenly hear a voice saying,
"What number would you like me to dial, Sir?"
I answer, "5-7-5, please." and the operator replies,
"Sir, just for your information all Haiku have been
switched to Tanka area codes, so your number will now be
5-7-5-7-7," and she connects me
to yet another Form who answers
his phone saying, "Where are you, Man?!?
My meter is running!"

by Kara L.C. Jones

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