Handmade Books for Writing
(blank pages inside)
Bookmaker: Kara L.C. JonesJon


Published by KotaPress

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Hours of work go into each and every book. Covers and pages are hand cut and designed. Books are made with blank pages inside of either black paper for use with a white ink gel pen or white paper for an ink pen. Covers are artistically designed using handmade paper, collage art, and more. Feel free to add a note to your order indicating if you have a preference for light or dark paper on the inside of your book.

Perfect for creating a memory book, a wedding poem-gift, a journal of your summer vacation, an anniversary present for your partner. Just fill in the pages with your own words and Wa-La! The perfect gift...

Bookmaker's Biography
Kara L.C. Jones is a Kevin Smith fan, internationally published guerrilla poet and bookmaker, mother to a stillborn son, beginning belly dancer, and a million other things that will prevent you from shutting her in a box. And, yes, this is the same woman who sits on the Board for The MISS Foundation and the National Stillbirth Society. You can contact her through KotaPress if you are so moved.


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