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A Naturalist's Journal
No longer available here, but please contact the author at www.nwherbs.org
Author: Erin Kenny

Paperback, September 2003
ISBN 1-929359-20-9

This exciting nature journal is perfect for anyone who is interested in observing and recording daily and seasonal changes in the natural world, as well as foraging for and making herbal medicines from local plants.     

Bone Marrow Boogie
No longer available here, but please contact the author at www.bonemarrowboogie.com
Author: Janie Starr

Paperback, September 2002
ISBN 1-929359-16-0

We all hit a brick wall at some time in our lives. Starr's rose up inside her body in the form of a cancerous tumor lurking behind her chest wall and growing fast. With rare honesty, humor, and shine, Starr recounts her early terror and ultimate triumph as she scaled that wall and danced her jig on top.      MORE INFO >>


Scott, I didn't get to say goodbye
Out of stock
Author: Mary Harrison
Paperback, March 2001
ISBN 1-929359-13-6

"Mary Harrison writes with eloquence, power, and above all raw honesty. A gifted wordsmith, her writings are a window to her heart, her soul, the very essence of her being. She gives generously of herself, refusing to hide behind vagueness or sentiment..." -Diane Culner-Veehoff, RN, LCSW, PhD

Flash Of Life
In-Stock: Ships 1-3 days
In stock and available
By Kara L.C. Jones
Paperback, August 1999, 2nd edition June 2002
ISBN 1-929359-01-2, 2nd edition 1-929359-15-2
Library of Congress Control Number: 2002092667
Price: $15.00
This second edition includes the full, original narrative plus a 2002 Foreword, an updated Resource guide for finding online and offline bereavement support, and information about The Mrs. Duck Project and the new KotaPress membership program, Friends of Mrs. Duck.

If someone you know and love is enduring the death of a baby due to any cause, this can be a wonderful gift to honor the memory of that child. Perfect for those awkward holidays like Mothers/Fathers Day or the first Christmas after the death of the child-- honor that child and recognize that parent's grief with this gift.    MORE INFO >>


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