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KotaPress is a frontrunner in the expressive arts world and one of the most comprehensive and popular sites for 2D and 3D arts, creative writing, and loss support. KotaPress offers original content as well as information about and links to hundreds of other art, writing, and loss support sites around the world.

Since its inception in 1999, KotaPress has experienced exponential growth. When we published our first issue, we had mostly a local Pacific Northwest audience. Since that time, we have seen our audience become international in scope with readers from Senegal, Africa to Oregon State. KotaPress receives thousands of unique hits per day, and as you can see from the following growth chart, our audience now number is the hundreds of thousands each month:



Month of Sep, 2000


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Month of Jan, 2001


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Month of Apr, 2001


Month of May, 2001


Statistics tracking interrupted June through July

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Month of Sep, 2001


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KotaPress has received numerous awards from many different sources all over the world including Netscape, Project Cool Sighting, About.com, Medaille d'Or, Alfa Gold Award, and many more.

KotaPress now offers you a powerful way to reach our targeted audience of artist, writers, and those looking for loss support. We fill your needs and get your advertisement seen by thousands of our viewers each day. We offer several options for advertising and are also open to sponsors who wish to barter goods and services in support of our contests.

Our history of advertisers have included MISS Foundation, EnergyClinic, Natali Chiropractic, ChildLoss.com, Micah's Memory Garden, Meridian Women's Health, and others. More and more clients are coming to KotaPress each day to meet their promotional needs. Find out how you can meet your needs today.

KotaPress offers three main areas to host ads for you. These areas are the contents pages of our most popularly read sections of the web site. We offer the following information about each section so you can decide which area is most appropriate for your product and service.

This section is geared toward the bereaved. Your ad will be placed on the first page of the section. Our readers come to this section to read articles, find out about the Mrs. Duck Project, check the schedule for local Loss support meetings. We find that while readers may initially come to us for the Loss section immediately after the death of a loved one, they often migrate to the other sections of the site as time passes and healing begins after such Loss. We are accepting ads that are compatible with the focus and mission of this section so the needs of our readers can be met.

This section is geared toward writers and readers of poetry and prose. Part of the audience here is also in the healing field of Expressive Arts Therapies including Poetry Therapy. Our writers and readers are of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens. Your ad will be placed on the first page of the section. Readers come here to read works from new and seasoned writers alike, to read reviews, editor's tips, or other how-to articles. We are accepting ads that are compatible with the focus and mission of this section so the needs of our readers can be met.

This section is geared toward artists of 2D and 3D digital talents. While the other sections of our website use language to reach out to the bereaved or to writers in the expressive/healing arts, we are seeing a huge international surge in our audience from the Art section. There is no language barrier when image is the focus, and so we are finding that many international artists are coming to our site to share in this artistic expression. All audience members come to us to apply for the KotaPress Art Award, to view works by other artists, to read software reviews, and to get editor tips. We are accepting ads that are compatible with the focus and mission of this section so the needs of our readers can be met.

KotaPress eStore:
This section is reserved for KotaPress authors and contributors. Please contact us if you are interested in advertising in this section.

Ad Rate Sheet:
We are a monthly format ezine. We are offering the following ad rate sheet based on the monthly format. Please note that we offer a 20% discount on longer-term ad runs as reflected below in the 3, 6, 12 months columns. This discount is not available for one-month runs.

Ad Size
in Pixels
1 month

3 months
(20% discount)

6 months
(20% discount)
12 months
(20% discount)
W 120 x H 60
W 120 x H 80
W 120 x H 120

We can take a company, bank, or cashier's check or a money order. We can also take any major credit card through PayPal.com. We offer 2/10 net 30. New advertisers must pre-pay first ad.

A 5% late fee will be added to any unpaid balance after 30 days from the invoice date.

Cancellations must be done in writing 30 days prior to scheduled ad run. Advertisers canceling with less than 30 days prior to scheduled run are responsible for the reserved ad space.

Format required:
Files must be delivered to us in .gif or .jpg format. Available dimensions (as indicated above) include:

W 120 x H 60 pixels; total file size no bigger than 15Kb
W 120 x H 80 pixels; total file size no bigger than 15Kb
W 120 x H 120 pixels; total file size no bigger than 15Kb

We do not accept any flashing or animated gif files at all. We do not accept any ads for pornography or pornographic sites. KotaPress reserves the right to determine if ads are acceptable for our site and to reject ads that do not conform or are in conflict with our standards. Advertisers assume liability for all content of their ads shown on KotaPress. KotaPress is not responsible for any errors that appear in ads delivered as camera/web ready from Advertiser nor for errors that are caught after final approval for any ad KotaPress formats for Advertisers.

If you require KotaPress to format your ad, cost is $75 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Must have ad to us on the first day of the month, one month prior to scheduled publication date.

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