Book Publishing Services

We will consider manuscripts on a case by case basis.
If your manuscript is approved, we'll shepherd you through the process of publishing under our KotaPress imprint. This is more than "publish on demand"-- it's personalized and thorough!
Package starts at $1,500.00
Click here to see the bangs you'll get for your bucks!

We suggest you do your homework before getting involved with any publishing project. Consider taking our "Self Publishing Made Easy" email class to see if you might like to do this publishing yourself:

Self Publishing Made Easy
Learn the basics of how to do it yourself
From Layout to Distribution, click below for a full layout of the class
Week long Email Class or one hour in-person

Regardless of whether or not you ever self publish, we recommend this class just so you can get a handle on the language and understand the scope of your responsibilities as a writer in the publishing world.

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