Gian Kurt Iseppi
Excerpt from KotaPress Poetry Anthology Volume 3, 2003

Light Show

Her light show comes on when I sleep
It burns inside my garden
and the impression lasts for weeks
Then she runs straight into the sea
and I'm sitting wondering,
is it her or was it me?
In the sand is an outline of a girl
I give it feather wings
and for the eyes, I set the pearls
Then I light our candles in the sand
at the sea without an end,
where the water meets the land
And the seasons are lost in their change
and all the while dreams,
the doors will rearrange
Oh well, while it lasted it was fun
but then it was over
just as quick as it had begun

Author Bio
Gian is from Zurich, Switzerland, and fronts the rock band, “Lunar Fields”. His poems are inspired by real experiences, dreams, but more often than not, abstract sentences that intrigue him.