Floria Kelderhouse
Excerpt from KotaPress Poetry Anthology Volume 3, 2003

Moonbeams Of Blue

I stepped outside this summer night so fair,
There was a difference in this dark of night.
Of everything around I was aware,
It had a cast of blue that shimmered bright.

For all the trees their limbs were of azure,
And all the grass below the colors cast,
Were of the oddest shade, a tint so sure,
And as I looked about I held it fast.

The moon itself it seemed vanilla cream,
And yet the midnight ink of sky was deep.
I prayed that this was real and not a dream,
A scene so haunting that I could not sleep.

Perhaps this night our Lord upon reflection,
Took artistic liberties to heart.
And from his brush there flowed with such affection
This mystic shade created by his art.

And then the earth he painted with a hue,
That shimmered in the glowing of the moon.
For every thing the beams lit turned to blue,
And night for me would surely end too soon.


Author Bio
I am an oil artist, digital artist, and embroidery artist, and I write poetry. I have been writing for the last year. I lost my son on Dec. 5, 2000. And I have been writing mostly about him and my loss and love for him.