Chris Bordeaux
Excerpted from KotaPress Poetry Anthology Volume 3, 2003

Allie Says

Allie says I should be nicer
Every situation is a crisis
I should think more about where I’m going, Allie says
-Allie says that I’m confused-
For safety’s sake I’m to agree
Heaven forbid I should have
To think about it, see, Allie says
Where’s the future in this
Where to go with this
She never wants to end this,
Allie says
Stay from love and guilt and pity
Take me wherever you go
Share everything, tell everything
You never wanted me to know
Be with me Be with me Be with me
Allie says

Author Bio
I am a twenty-six year old PhD. student, and I write in my spare time. Sometimes, writing is the only way to express the “flavor” of what I’m thinking.