Brandon Reed
Excerpt from KotaPress Poetry Anthology Volume 3, 2003

Bells of War

I got so much trouble on my mind
Listening to wicked drums
In today’s living, feedback coming from hostile studies
Printed in black, skin crawling when joined in delivered pain
Wishing explored anger
Note fate deciding
Before pulling triggers in black attacks
Never questioning what I am
Existence knows
Because, it’s coming from the heart
Hanging is not fiction, just fear of constant struggle
Never wanting to see me raise sons and daughters
In battlefield scars, I hear brothers say they want to learn about life lessons
But, kick chocolate and sincere sisters into muddy waters
Polluting divine wisdom in separate pairs, dropping curses over fiery blues
Trying to avoid anti-nigger machine war, I see in riots
Created on the tube, never forgetting the smoke around civilization philosophy
Painting controversy on feature presentations
Shown in fist
Ready to get sweaty, sad to say
We were sold down the river, listening for rhythm nation blessing
On the radio, I once declared war on
When touching fear of a black planet through paranoid witness
Bringing final collusion to dynasty imperative thinking
hell burning in the conscious of Amerikka
Sitting in soul
Stolen from color recruitment, drafting us for target practice in pointless wars
Brought on by greed ways, wondering where in the hell is our return?
Looking to share eternity’s secrets in war and peace
I once touched on soul sister’s back, can’t hold back
When seeing mahogany communication disrespected
Knowing it takes a stronger sister to make a
Stronger man, pure and raw to the bone
Tasted in winds, gone from honest tears
Hoping to come together and send the masses in the state of damn
Never get caught up in this mess
Spoken from rage, defeating nation’s raising in inspiration smile
Taking something out of today’s conversation
I had with you, connection in constant elevation
The most beautiful creation and mother of our nation
Just taking this time to let u know what’s on my mind
Spoken from true words in character, I wish to married
Before dying in background sound, beating my ears
Until I surrender to the ending pain
Created in suicide’s merging plea, holding up revolutionary’s generation
Still, anger on the b-side!


Author Bio
I am Brandon Reed and I live in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have been writing poetry for eight years. I like the expression of it, the visual painting I get out of my mind when I write. My vision is to one day see a book with my name on the front cover – that would be my crowning achievement!