Ruth Daigon

Excerpt from Anthology Vol 1, No 2


Let there be cool linen
and lovers resting between sheets
humming a small heaven between them

Let there be a settlement of snow
long green veils of rain
and radiant squalors

Let there be moon-plucked waves
and thick-tongued leaves
that whisper sleep's dark flower

Let the pulse beat within us
rich as salt, hot as sun
giving time its edge

Let us steep tansy, coriander
and cloves in wine
drinking deep its magic cures

Let us bring the knower to the known
to inhale love as sweet as candle wick
and what waits is just a breath away


Author Bio
Ruth Daigon, former professional singer, now editor/performance poet and winner of the Ann Stanford Poetry Award, 1997, the Greesnboro Poetry Award, 2000 was founder/editor of Poets On: for twenty years and regular on Internet publications (chapbooks on Web Del Sol, Pares Cum Paribus (Chile), The Alsop Review). Her latest collections are "The Moon Inside" (Gravity/Newton's Baby) 1999 and forthcoming "Ruth Daigon's Greatest Hits 1970-1990" (Pudding House Publications) plus "Payday At The Triangle" (Small Poetry Press).