Joseph Lisowski

Excerpt from Anthology Vol 1, No 2


Death's silence is a storm
that cracks trees
breaks leaves
from dawn to dusk.
Until there is nothing
but bare wood.
And night becomes a dark terror
that cannot scream.

It is sudden,
Like the snapping
of a neck.

Author Bio
From 1986-1996, Joseph Lisowski was Professor of English at the University of the Virgin Islands. He is currently teaching at Mercyhurst College North East, along the shores of Lake Erie. Recent work can be seen in The Cortland Review, Poems Niederngasse, Stirring, Words on a Wire, Serpentine, Poet's Canvas, A Writer's Choice, Born Magazine, The Isle Review, Poetry Repair Shop, Thunder Sandwich, and 2River View. He is currently poetry editor for New Works Review:

(Note: Some of these poems have appeared or will soon appear in the following: 2River View, Free Zone Quarterly, The Isle Review, Stirring, New World Poetry, and Kota Journal)