Allegra Wong

Excerpt from Anthology Vol 1, No 2


In your walk-up
this rainy summer
we unravel Neruda,
baste his love songs
to the seams of our
encounter, then move
like nesting birds
on your Imari vase.
Already I am missing
your red Sarouk,
white wainscoting, drawings
in pale colors and
ink. Already I am losing
you as my blue shadow
turns our love mewlings
and the rain
into chrysanthemums
and flaming figures
reclining--a composition,
or a caprice.

Author Bio
Allegra Wong has a BA in English Literature from Wheaton College (Norton), and has done extensive graduate work in English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University. Her poetry and prose have been published in numerous journals including Modern Haiku, Turnstile, The Montserrat Review, The 2River View, 3rd Bed, Blue Food, Brevity, Oyster Boy Review, KotaPress Journal, and (Harvard) Scriptorium. She teaches poetry, haibun, and autobiography at Writers On The Net, lives in Boston, and has one son.