Tim Hulley

Excerpt from Anthology Vol 1, No 1


Pen, tell me where to go
with my life.
Guide me straight and true
like you,
with your ever certain point.
Spill me as ink
upon this page,
a vast horizon,
dawn of possibility.

I am the story
on the page.
I am the characters
and the plot,
the setting
and the dialog.
I am a fiction,
at once animated
and unending,
and prophetic,
a figment
of some much larger

Author Bio
Tim is a professional website developer and author of three poetry chapbooks: Hopes Are Breadcrumbs, New Chords, and Nestled in Silence. He enjoys celebrating the divine gift of life through poetry, music, and art. Current passions include singing the sacred music of Hildegard Von Bingen and talking with his Grey Parrot companion of 11 years, Sharky, who often reminds him: "Don't worry, be happy."