by Charles King
February 4, 2002

Komodo Studio, a leading 3D animation studio headed by renowned 3D artist and best-selling author Bill Fleming, has launched a new computer graphics publishing company with the mission of providing digital artists with the support they need to realize their visions.

In an industry saturated with 'traditional' publishers that are neither artist nor realize the needs of artist, Komodo Publishing steps forward to answer your needs with computer graphics books written and designed by master artists, for artist. Everything from the content to the page layout has been designed with an artist's needs in mind. All Komodo Publishing books adhere to four simple ideals:

  • Full color - It's paramount that the artistic community is provided color books. The age of black and white art books is over. Komodo Publishing is ushering in a new millennium of full color, high quality books that are as much art as they are educational.

  • Oversized format - There is no logic to small format art books. Komodo Publishing produces its books in an oversized 10" x 8" format. The books are printed in landscape layout so the pages are formatted to the same proportions as your computer screen, making it far easier to digest the content. Additionally the pages will stay open so you can follow the tutorials. No more paper-weighted pages.

  • Large figures - You won't find tiny figures in Komodo Publishing books. Instead the figures are very large with a layout that features one figure per page so you can see the details being discussed, without the need of a microscope. In addition, the dialog for each figure is featured directly below it on the same page. You won't hunt for a figure again.

  • Straightforward dialogue - Komodo Publishing text doesn't ramble but instead gets right to the point. Technical books are pricey and there is little point to paying a premium to hear the author's life story. Of course the Komodo Publishing dialogue is conversational so it won't put you to sleep like most technical books.

"At Komodo Publishing we specialize in one thing, filling the gaps in computer arts publishing," states Publisher Bill Fleming. "For years publishers have overlooked many very important topics because they were opposed to color printing. We only print in color so we have the freedom to meet your creative needs by providing books on important topics such as 3D Texture Painting, Digital Fantasy Painting and Windows Computer Arcade Game Development for the Non-Programmer."

Komodo Publishing does more than provide just one book for each area of interest. They provide a series of books to ensure they meet your specific needs. You may be interested in learning to paint realistic 3D creature textures, but might also want to know how to paint clothing textures. There are significant differences in technique between these styles so Komodo Publishing provides you with books that cover each topic in great detail.

They apply the same approach to painting digital fantasy art by featuring books that cover photorealistic, surreal and cartoon styles so you don't have to wreak your brain trying to apply one approach to another style. The entire staff at Komodo Publishing believes in-depth exploration of specific topics is the only way to meet your unique needs as an artist.

3D Texture Workshop, Painting Hollywood Creature Textures
Komodo Publishing's premiere book, 3D Texture Workshop, Painting Hollywood Creature Textures, Volume One, will be available for purchase March 1st, 2002. In this 100-page volume master texture artist Bill Fleming walks you through every step in recreating the head textures of his famed Freaky Frank creature, from the minute skin pores, and creepy scars to the intricately detailed iris texture that brings this monster to life. No detail is overlooked. You'll even learn Bill's technique for making skin appear soft and pliable. The techniques Bill has previously only revealed to Hollywood studios are now at your fingertips with 3D Texture Workshop, Volume One.

"Simply the most extraordinary guide to painting photorealistic creature textures, written by the man that trained Hollywood." Arnold Goldman, President - Monster Makers, Inc.

3D Texture Workshop, Volume One is priced at $29.95 U.S. and can be purchased through the Komodo Publishing web site. The books can be ordered online at the web site, or by telephone, secure fax or mail. For ordering information please visit the URL listed below.

Information on Komodo Publishing's books is available at: www.komodostudio.com/kp/

Komodo Studio is a leading 3D graphics studio headed by Bill Fleming, a renowned 3D artist and best-selling author. Bill Fleming has consulted to nearly every major Hollywood studio in an effort to help them realize their 3D visions on film and through Komodo Publishing he will pass that same information on to the computer graphics community. Bill is the Publisher at Komodo Publishing, as well as authoring a number of their tutorial books. The Komodo Publishing author lineup includes several acclaimed digital art masters, including Glen Southern, Will Kramer and David Mathieu.


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