Rockport Publishing Announces Call for Entries for New Book - The Best of 3D Graphics

December 18, 2001 - Gloucester MA...Imagine a book filled with dazzling examples of the world's-best 3D artistry. Now imagine your work being showcased as a brilliant full-color reproduction, along with the works of 3D artists from around the world. Rockport Publishers has announced a Call for Entries to 3D artists for samples of your finest 3D art work to be submitted for consideration. If selected your work will be featured in "The Best of 3D Graphics", a book scheduled for release at Siggraph 2002. The best news is that 3D Artists can submit up to five (5) entries without any entry fees.

The Best of 3D Graphics will celebrate excellence and the revolutionary achievements in 3D computer art. The Best of 3D Graphics will be a compendium of the most spectacular 3D graphics used in everything from blockbuster movies, electrifying games, multimedia productions, amazing print ads, or simply as fine art. Each image will be carefully selected to both inspire and spark your personal creativity. This book (and the accompanying CD) will be visually rich and a delight to look at time and time again.

Captions will provide essential information about each image in the words of the artist. Professional, amateur, student 3D artists, collectors, or anyone who simply relishes looking at gorgeous pictures, or needs a reference source will enjoy owning this special collection. The Call for Entry Forms and General Submission Guidelines are attached. You can also find the submission form and guidelines at: (see the bottom of the page for a link to the guidelines and form) . The deadline for all submissions is February 11, 2002. Any computer graphic created primarily in a 3D program is eligible. The work must be original art. Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of Rockport Publishers to use it for exhibition and publication. 3D Graphics that have been published in other Rockport books are not eligible.

The Best of 3D Graphics will be edited by Vic Cherubini, the Founder and CEO of the epic software group, a 3D animation and multimedia development company located in The Woodlands, Texas.

About Rockport Publishers:

Rockport Publishers specializes in books for design professionals. Rockport Publishers program includes books on graphic design, interior design, architecture, product design, fine art, and crafts. The company's worldwide book distribution offers designers the opportunity to show their work in an international forum. You can learn more about our extensive list of books by visiting Rockport Publishers, Inc. 33 Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930-5089. 978-282-9590 (phone), 978-283-2742 (fax)

About the epic software group, inc.

The epic software group is a twelve-year-old multimedia production company located in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. The artists, animators, programmers and support staff who work at the company create interactive electronic catalogs, multimedia presentations, 3D graphics and animated short features. epic software group is located at 701 Sawdust, The Woodlands, Texas. 281-363-3742 (phone), 281-292-9700 (fax), (e-mail) and web site at:


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