trueSpace 6.0
Great list of features, great render quality, great price, great value, but with an interface that only a mother could love. If your on a tight budget and can live with the interface this one has it all.
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Vue d'Esprit 4
For the money you'll be hard pressed to beat the features found in Vue d'Esprit 4, and the interface is clearly outstanding! KotaPress recommends this one highly, but don't take our word for it read this review, down load the trial version and make up your own mind.
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Cinema 4D 7.1
If you think Cinema 4D 7.1 is great just wait till you get a load of version 8.0, but I am getting ahead of myself. First buy version 7.1, then get the upgrade for free when it comes out, then optionally read this review. Can ya tell we at KotaPress really like this one?
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Shade Pro R4/E
An unusual 3D application from Japan with a huge audience in the East yet little known in the west. The interface is a little strange but the output is incredible as this month's feature art in the gallery will attest. Read the review, download the free demo and see for yourself that despite it's quarks Shade is worth a serious look.


Amapi 6.1
This powerful modeler, with a personality all it's own, offers world class modeling features at a surprisingly affordable price.


Carrara 1.1
An interesting entry level 3D application with a wild interface. It has all the bells and whistles you might want in a package of this price but are they all in the right place? Read this review and find out.
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