A Mystery

Description: I have enjoyed Surrealistic art for many years, especially De Chirico_s and
Paul Delvaux_s paintings. From Paul Klee to Dali Surrealism is mysterious and
disturbing like an anxious dream. I wanted to get the same dream like feeling. I looked
at every Surrealistic image I could find on the internet and in books. Over time, I started
to see how different artists portray dream worlds and what aspects of the images made them
seem not of this world. There are obvious indicators such as limp clocks in Dali_s
Persistence of Memory or the floating castle in Magritte_s Castle of the Pyrenees but I
was more interested in subtle things that give Surrealism its hallmark, slightly disturbed,
delusional view. For example De Chirico freely distorts perspective to suit his
compositional needs. Not only does it make his seemingly primitive images dynamic but
also slightly disorientating. As if looking though someone else_s broken glasses, De Chirico_s
damaged perspective let_s you know this world is not your world.

Software: 3D Studio Max, PhotoShop (for texture maps)


Image Michael Hunter
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